Tonton dan muat turun video lucah terbaik Asia's Single Men Sex Paradise Is ...

Scaronchin: I would say 95% of those men are losers.

Dancer-tr: women in NE USA can be losers too. There is a large supply of politically intolerant, liberal women here. No wonder so many people are single. Who would want to spend anytime with such judgmental women?

Radeon550: 8:54 nice ass

Blackcockrules: Problem is...there ain’t enough women like you to go around where all those dudes come from...lighten up beautiful!

Lovelycars: Dqncer-tr you r right and the sad thing is a lot if these foreign women in the u.s in their countries u can fuck then easily I mean easily but when they come and stay in the us for a while they take on this stinky nasty conservative bullshit and u can't fuck them anymore.

Dreckola: Was in Bang Cock in 1991 and what a shithole of whores, pervs you name it. Some good food thou and smoggy traffic cities. Many places you see these old guys walking around with 15 or 16 year old or younger women and sometimes young boys as well. Beaches are filthy and crooks everywhere trying to get money from you.

Nobodyspecialvii: Was there several years ago and I remember sitting in a hotel lobby with some friends before hitting a bar, and we spotted this dude probably in his 50s, shit eating grin on his face, as he walked in with some girl who was MAYBE 15. It was totally obvious what was going on, and he was trying to ‘act nornal’ but failing. Funny and also sad all at once.

Curintianus-travecoes-analfabetos: Ladyboys

Farmersluis: First video I see on this site that is actually informative! Excellent work!

Thunderball: Im all for treating sex work as fully legit. But this city is riddled with HIV.

Blackcockrules: Having spent a lot of time in all three cities you’d have to also add Ho Chi Minh City:
Best looking: Ho Chi Minh, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila
Most fun to just hang out with between bed sessions: Manila, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok

Blitz9721: Yummy yummy yummy

Felixdacat2112: I appreciate the video my guy but no lie it sounds like you don't care for thick or brown skinned women. Filipino women are 1,000X hotter than Thai chicks.

Sirwhites: What's the is high end for girls $ or average $ amount

Citymonger: Depends, when I was in Pattya, Thailand I only paid one girl for sex...and it was about $25 after exchange. IF you go with pros it will be higher. depends on personality looks and your age. A younger nice looking guy can run through alot of part timers, and even pros for little more than the price of drinks and late night food. If you go and just keep it strictly business and only frequent hooker bars and the like, expect to pay more.

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